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A Pop & Hip Hop Maven

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GaBBii is 17 years-old and has been singing since age 3 and acting since the age of 9.  

She was selected to sing in Junior Stars at Six Flags at the age of 10.  Gabbii had the pleasure of working JPEK Creative Works (JPEK family) which allowed her to appear in a number of productions written and directed by Joel P. E. King, such as Meeting at the Elder’s Circle, Through the Eyes,Real life and Issues of Love starring Kendra C. Johnson from Monique’s Phat Girlz and BET’s The Game. 

Her passion is singing which why she is grateful that she has also have the pleasure of meeting Koran Bolden of Street Dreamz Studio, in which she had the opportunity to sing on Fox 2 News and STLTV.  Gabbii also won the grand prize for the Street Dreamz Living the Dream Contest partnered with Deltal Dental.  Lastly Gabbii was semi-finalist in the Teen Talent Competition hosted by the Fox Theater

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