Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 10.46.29 PMTyrell Thompson (born on November 10, 1987), graduated in May of 2006 from Hazelwood East High School. After three years of attending the Art Institute of Los Angeles, California, in 2010 Thompson transferred to Webster University to pursue a degree as a graphic design major. His passion is in art & design and holds a strong respect for the field of digital art, expressing art traditionally (via canvas and paper), and exploring other forms of art creatively. He owns Rell Finesse and is the senior graphic designer with the firm.

Most recently, Tyrell was chosen as the official photographer and graphic designer for all artists album covers at TBeats Studios. Proving once again that when you work with Tbeats Studio, you not only will utilize the most up to date music equipment, but also enjoy the most talented designers, photographers, and personal coaches to help build your personal brand.

Thompson gained his artistic experience over the years from working with companies including Warner Bros. Music Group, Atlantic Records, and various student organizations at Webster University.

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Photo Gallery of Rell Finesse Selected Art Designs