Marty Griptite Releases New Album – UpNext on iTunes and CDBaby

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.00.26 PMOn June 2, 2016, the TBeats Entertainment Recording Artist, Marty Griptite released his new album, “Up Next” on all major streaming outlets including iTunes and CDBaby. For months, Marty has been working tirelessly on this highly anticipated album. Within two days his new album debuted in the top 100 on Art of the Mix and on iTop Chart for iTunes.

You can download his new album, UpNext on iTunes and CDBaby using the links below:



About Marty Griptite

Marty Griptite is an artist based out of Saint Louis, Missouri with talents that have no limit. Since Emerging into the music scene as a battle rapper extraordinaire in late 1999 early 2000, his growth in songwriting, production, and the music industry has been parallel to none.

Marty has a style that is derived from many of his influences in the music industry such as Mannie fresh, Timbaland, Twista, and even acts far back as the Stylistic and The Dells. “It’s always about the feeling of a song,” says Marty, “You may not remember the words but you do remember the feeling when you hear that song.”

With the promise of a better future and the hopes of many in his corner, Marty continues to push forward in attempts to create a Midwest Sound that has never been heard before. Now signed with TBeats Entertainment, Marty Griptite is the name to be on lookout for in the present days to come.

About TBeats Entertainment

TBeats Entertainment is a record label located in St. Louis, Missouri at 1204 Washington Avenue on the 4th floor. TBeats Entertainment is owned and operated by music artists with CEO & President, Tony Thompson. TBeats  provides musicians with a quality facility to create, learn, and progress in their careers.

TBeats Studios is a recording studio which provides a full range of services including high-quality music production and classes in audio recording, engineering, recording software and equipment. TBeats also offers artist support services including songwriting, publishing, artistic development, public relations, branding / marketing, and acting, fashion and career consulting.